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Toruk 101

Toruk 101

TORUK is a device that performs underground scanning as dot-cloud data analysis  and generates an anomaly map with its own software. The device works with depend to increase or decrease on the magnetic field that occurred by magnetic waves from the core of the world. Those decreasing and increasing are happened from magnetic waves passing to ground through materials inside soil or structure of soil. TORUK detects the change in magnetic field of different materials within the soil. According to these values, it generates 3-dimensional map of the underground.

Technical Specifications

  • The device has a weight of 232 g and is 1 m length.
  • Capable of making mesurement down to max depth of 30 meters.
  • Provides the opportunity to determine the information about depth of materiel in the underground.
  • More efficient results are obtained if measurement is made in the area of minimum 5 .
  • Operating Voltage Range is 3.3 V - 5 V
  • The device is powered by a portable USB power supply.
  • Connects to computer via Access point.
  • With a special computer application, it can create both 2D and 3D map thus it view underground with detail.
  • Usage Areas

    Our Services

    Training and Technical Support

    We organize trainings about the use of Toruk 101, installation of computer software, measurement in its own test area, data transfer to computer, creating magnetic anomaly map and interpretation of the map. The duration and dates of our trainings are determined together with our customers, and our trainings for all our customers who purchase our device are completely free. In addition , we are with you when any problem in the device. With our technical support team, we provide after-sales remote live support and technical support services to our customers.

    Warranty And Spare Parts

    The warranty period of all our products is 2 years. During the warranty period, spare parts supply and repairs are free of charge. For non-warranty parts, spare parts supply and service are subject to a charge.

    Field Works

    User Guide

    How to Use Toruk 101


    Toruk is a device that performs underground scanning as dot-cloud data analysis

    The device creates an anomaly map by combining the data that measuring magnetic field at each step with point data analysis method.

    It is used in the fields of Archeology, Mining, Municipal and Institution Infrastructure, Underground water resource, Construction and Geology.

    While the detectors leave signals in nature by sending signals, Toruk 101 senses the magnetic field. Toruk 101 also converts the data to 3-D map and gives information about the depth of the material under ground.

    Toruk 101 provides access to the computer program via the access point that  gived to you with  its bag. The program converts this data into an anomaly map.

    Toruk 101 separates the soil, water bed, archaeological remains, rock, treated soil, precious metals, cavity, metal and plastic pipes from the soil and from each other. This makes the distinction according to the magnetic value difference.

    It can be measured in any environment except the extreme wet soil and wet weather conditions.

    No need to equipment except access points and batteries.

    There is no space limitation. The area can be measured to the desired extent.

    After product sales, free product usage training is given to every customer. Then all kinds of technical support is provided.

    It comes in its own specially protected bag which is specially manufactured to withstand any impact. Toruk 101 comes with access point, battery, armband, compass, warranty certificate and user manual  in the bag.

    In Timko Business Center  where our company headquarters are located, we have  own testing land where all our customers can try the product.

    It is 2 years from the date of invoice.

    March 29, 2019
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